Friday, April 24, 2009

Well, being a one month old is full of "firsts" for Luke (and Jeff and I) and last night was one. Luke slept in his room last night for the first time. I think he did really well. At first I hesitated to put him in there but with our wonderful monitor that my cousin and her family gave us I could hear and see him. So instead of falling asleep to the tv I fell asleep watching the monitor. I slept great because I didn't wake up at every sound that Luke makes at night when he is getting himself to sleep and while he sleeps (he occasionally screams in his sleep). When it is time to eat you definitely hear him.
Luke also got his first manicure yesterday. I finally cut his nails since he cuts his face with them when he is angry and he has cut Jeff and I. I tackled the task while he slept and he slept the whole time. I was so scared I would cut the tip of his finger off but it was pretty easy. I think his nails being so long might have made it easier.
Well, gotta go. Little fella is started to get hungry again!

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