Monday, July 19, 2010

Potty training

I can't believe it.... Luke used his potty the first time he set on it. I bought it for him to get used to seeing it but he has enjoyed sitting on it. After his first pee and poop in the toilet I thought for sure it was a one time thing. Tonight he peed again! I guess this might be the beginning of the fun......Pull-ups next!

It's amazing the things that get a mother excited. Luke probably thought we were crazy! LOL!


  1. It is exciting. Josie did that too but now she hardly wants to sit on it. We are in pull ups all the time. She sometimes will use it when you ask her. Hope he does not get like that. Good Luck!!

  2. We decided not to do the whole potty training thing right when he was sitting on it because we knew we were going out of town so now the appeal of sitting on the potty chair has worn off. We try sitting him on it but he won't use it now. After the summer we may try the whole potty training thing. Hopefully he'll get interested again. Who knows? How is the potty training going with Josie?

  3. Potty training is going. She sits on it when she wants and when we are out she sometimes says she has to go and sits and says all done. Yesterday she said that and her pull up was dry and she went while out to lunch. She is in pull ups all the time and this morning she pooped and I told her that needs to be done in the potty and her reply was "No Way" so cute.